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C803D - 28V / 525 Amp

Made in the US & rated to SAE standards, the C803D features a modular design which produces incredible low idle output ratings. The cradle mount makes the unit compatible with most major industrial engine manufactures.

Product Features
  • Air Cooled - Eliminates the need for an oil circulation system. No possibility of oil leaks, no hoses, and no waste heat transferred to the engine
  • High Efficiency - Means lower internal alternator operating temperature, resulting in longer alternator life. Less engine power needed to produce electric power means more engine power available for other needs
  • Unique Brushless Construction - Elimination of rotating windings, brushes and slip rings yields durability, extends service life, eliminates arcing and reduces electromagnetic interference. (EMI)
  • Direct Interchange - Steel rail mounting design is compatible with cradle mounting bracket
  • Long Life Bearings - Feature high temperature grease and are heat stabilized for extended service life in hot engine compartments
  • Conformal Coatings - Protects regulator and rectifier against damage from vibration and corrosion
  • D+ and P Terminals - Model has an P terminal for optional tachometer use and a D+ terminal for optional charge warning light use.
Output Curve & Drawing: WS803D-0922
Troubleshooting Guide: TG32D
OEM Installation Instructions: II0064D
Retrofit / Upgrade Installation Instructions: II0065C
Service Tools: II0049C
Bus/Transit Bearing Kits: PDF
Service Manual: Contact sales for more information.

Product Code: C803D
Voltage: 28
Amps: 525
Mounting Configuration: Cradle Mount
Regulator: A2-336
Internal Or External: External
Unit Weight: 110 lbs / 50kg
Rotation: Bi-Directional
Max Operational Speed: 8000 rpm
Belt Tension: 90-100 lbs ft.


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